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NYU Long Island School of Medicine Names Dr. Gladys Ayala, MD, Dean and Chief Academic Officer

NYU Long Island School of Medicine in Mineola has named Dr. Gladys Ayala as its new dean and chief academic officer.

Ayala’s appointment follows the retirement of Dr. Steven Shelov, the school’s founding dean. Ayala was previously the school’s vice dean and chief academic officer.

“At NYU Long Island School of Medicine, we have a unique opportunity to train the next generation of primary care physicians with excellence in clinical skills, along with the skills to address healthcare disparities; and we do it in three years,” Ayala said in a statement.


“In this exciting new chapter, I will continue to work collaboratively with the faculty and educational leaders to advance medical education through innovation that will shape the physicians of tomorrow and enhance the care delivered to patients,” she added.


Ayala has led the medical school curriculum development and implementation and oversaw the areas of admissions and the Office of Students and Diversity at NYU Long Island School of Medicine since 2018. As vice dean, she led the school’s latest strategic planning process that will focus on four main goals. Those goals comprise advancing medical education, developing a diverse workforce, deepening community engagement to promote health equity and expanding population health and health systems research on campus.


Ayala’s career in medical education spans more than 25 years, and she has initiated numerous programs for medical students to enhance their medical school experience. She has taught medical students in New York State about the principles of primary care, history and clinical skills since 1994 and is passionate about the impact that primary care doctors who are trained in cultural competency can have on the health and wellness of communities denied health equity.


Prior to joining NYU Long Island School of Medicine, Ayala served as vice chancellor for university student affairs and interim vice dean at New York Medical College’s School of Medicine in Valhalla.


She received her doctorate in medicine from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 1986 and her master’s in public health from Columbia University in 2007.





About NYU Long Island School of Medicine:


“NYU Long Island School of Medicine educates exemplary physicians and academic leaders in primary care. We prepare graduates to deliver outstanding patient care and become authorities in local and national health systems. Our graduate medical education programs offer postgraduate medical education training in more than 20 specialties. Throughout our programs, we encourage research collaboration in basic, clinical, and translational sciences to solve today’s most urgent healthcare challenges.”


“We educate exemplary physicians, residents, fellows, and academic leaders in primary care with the training they need to deliver outstanding patient care and become authorities in local and national health systems. Our mission prioritizes diversity and equity in primary care and community healthcare.


Our innovative three-year MD curriculum combines medical education, research, and quality patient care, and reduces the traditional medical school curriculum by one full year. We are proud to offer Full-Tuition Scholarships for three years to all matriculated students who maintain satisfactory academic progress and professionalism standards, regardless of merit or financial need. By covering the majority of the cost of attendance, we hope to make it more financially feasible for medical students to choose careers in the important fields of primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology.


Our graduate medical education programs offer residents and fellows intensive training in more than 20 specialties with an emphasis on one-on-one faculty mentoring, a focus on the development of progressive clinical and teaching skills, and ample opportunities to conduct research.


Throughout our school, we integrate basic, translational, and clinical research with population health and health systems science to create a scientifically rigorous learning environment that is also diverse, inclusive, comprehensive, and compassionate.


We pair these innovations with a structured career and academic advising program that involves academic coaching, specialty advising, and monthly learning community sessions to offer a truly personal approach to medical education.





About Dr. Gladys Ayala, MD:




Professor, Department of Medicine at NYU Long Island School of Medicine

Dean, NYU Long Island School of Medicine




MD from Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai










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