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UCSF School of Medicine names Dr. Andrew Josephson as Chair of Department of Neurology

S. Andrew Josephson, M.D., will be appointed as the new Chair of University of California San Francisco’s (UCSF) Department of Neurology, effective July 1.

Dr. Josephson is the director and founder of UCSF’s Neurohospitalist Program, and has served as the Medical Director of Inpatient Neurology for over a decade. Additionally, he is the Carmen Castro Franceschi and Gladyne K. Mitchell Neurohospitalist Distinguished Professor of Neurology.

Josephson will succeed Stephen Hauser, M.D., who joined UCSF in 1992 as chair of Neurology.

Upon graduating from Stanford University, Dr. Josephson earned his medical degree at Washington University in St. Louis and completed both an internship in internal medicine and residency in neurology at UCSF. He also completed fellowships in vascular neurology (stroke) and behavioral neurology at UCSF.

He has held a variety of leadership roles in his time at UCSF. Departmentally, he served as Acting Chair from 2014-2015 and is currently the Senior Executive Vice Chair. In addition, he serves as the co-director of the Medical Student Brain, Movement, and Behavior course, the co-chair of the Destination Programs Committee as part of UC Health’s strategic plan, and as the chair of UCSF’s Medical Ethics Committee. In 2016, he was recognized with the Lloyd (Holly) Smith Award for Exceptional Service.

Regarding research, Dr. Josephson interests include improving models of inpatient neurologic care delivery, quality and safety in hospitalized patients, delirium, and the contribution of stroke to cognitive decline. He continues to lead efforts to nationally improve the quality of care of hospitalized patients by serving as the Editor-in-Chief of JAMA Neurology, a leading medical journal published by the American Medical Association.

His many teaching accolades at UCSF include the Henry J. Kaiser Award for Excellence in Teaching; the Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Award; and the Robert Layzer Golden Toe Award for resident teaching.

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