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Founder's Day: Academic Med Celebrates Four Years!

This past weekend, Academic Med celebrated its four year anniversary.

After four years of continued exemplary service to its clients, the company’s founders, Jim Hagood and Gentry Zacheis, and team members look forward to more success in the future. Hagood and Zacheis previously worked together at one of the largest executive firms in the country. After building a substantive client base, the two decided to start their firm in pursuit of excellent client service. While Gentry focuses on the client relations aspect of the business, Jim builds the reputation of service to clients with his recruitment solutions. Together, expanding their reach nationally and specializing in the neurosciences, they continue to apply their model to multiple medical disciplines.

While celebrating four years is a testament to the drive and commitment to services provided by Academic Med’s team, acknowledgment of the relationships and faith that clients have placed in the firm should not go unmentioned. Thank you to all those involved in the growth of the firm over these past four years. Here’s to many more years to come!


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