Consulting Services Providing unique insight into the healthcare and recruiting industries

Academic Med is a value-added service provider. Our mission is to provide consultative recruitment solutions to our clients, meaning that our work extends far beyond simply getting candidates in the door for an interview. We are determined to not only expand your program through the recruitment of top-level talent for the search at hand, but also to grow your program in a manner that sets your institution up for success now and for years to come.

Our Expertise



Supply & Demand Analysis

Academic Med has quantified a Candidate Supply and Position Demand analysis which equips clients with a clear knowledge of the recruitment and growth challenges necessary to determine program expansion. Often times department chairs and deans have interest in learning certain types of information and insight as a means of determining the timing and basis for beginning a search at some point in the future. We are equipped with a unique and rather detailed insight into the number of recruitable candidates within each subspecialty along with an up to date understanding of the number of programs that are seeking the types of candidates.

Compensation & Benefits Assessment

Our compensation analysis provides clients with the knowledge of their recruitment packages and options relative to other programs and positions throughout the country. Every successful placement must include a fair and competitive compensation plan. Academic Med understands the various types of compensation programs available to physicians in the US. We are equipped with such depth of salary insight that we can help our clients formulate a strongly competitive compensation plan, but do so without exceeding what is necessary to recruit candidates, all things being equal.

Programmatic Development Opportunities

Academic Med uses an all-encompassing approach to evaluate organizational dynamics, institutional vision, and the competitive environment specific to each client we serve. Our experience in the healthcare recruitment industry and outside perspective allows our search consultants to provide insight that an institution could not find in-house. In some cases bringing on a faculty member of a given subspecialty was the original goal, but Academic Med's in-depth discussions with key departmental figures and leadership led to a change of course that ultimately benefitted the department far more.

Interview & Onboarding Strategy

The open lines of communication Academic Med keeps with both the client and the candidate dramatically streamline the interview and onboarding processes involved with recruiting. We constantly seek specific feedback from both parties as the interview cycle moves forward; doing so allows us to provide valuable insight into institutional interview and onboarding policies while also refining our own processes. We know we have succeeded when candidate and client have become so intimately acquainted with one another during the interview stages that onboarding is a mere formality at the end of the process.