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Recruitment Solutions

In order to maintain our track record of quality and placement accuracy, Academic Med has developed an agile and technologically advanced proprietary recruitment model that is driven by quantifiable data. The recruitment model was custom designed to rapidly and accurately attract and retain well-qualified candidates encompassing the full spectrum of experience and responsibility, including executive level, director level and individual performers serving in primarily clinical or research capacities.


Value Added Service Provider

Academic Med is a Value Added Service Provider

  • Academic Med clients include Deans, Department Chairs and Division Chiefs at US schools of medicine, as well as the C-Staff and other leaders at teaching hospitals and private health systems. Clients rely on Academic Med to perform as a professional and capable adjunct of their organization from the standpoint of their short and longer term need to recruit faculty into their programs.
  • Academic Med’s Strategic Faculty Recruitment Service can be fine-tuned at no additional cost depending on our client’s interest in reducing overall advertising expenses and their degree of urgency to fill positions. The service is designed to broadly communicate our client’s open positions to all qualified potential candidates, accurately portray the features and benefits of client opportunities, screen candidates based on predefined criteria and systematically recruit and retain a high volume of qualified and seriously interested candidates relative to specific positions.

Direct Recruiting Services

Direct Method of Recruiting

  • Academic Med’s Marketing Campaigns provide our clients with the ability to personally communicate a strategic message to every relevant candidate and Director that can assist with their search. Depending on our client’s urgency to fill the position, Academic Med will design a marketing campaign that, once pre-approved by the Dean, Chair or Director, will thoroughly describe the client’s program, position, culture, location, and opportunity for growth. Academic Med will then ensure that this marketing campaign will directly and indirectly reach all identified candidates such that the client’ s recruitment efforts will be virally communicated to anyone that would be relevant for consideration. 
  • Academic Med’s marketing campaign has proven to be an extremely effective means of generating passive and active candidates that are interested in the position due to their thorough understanding of the professional and personal opportunities that it will provide. The marketing campaign is a means to identifying, contacting, and recruiting candidates that are genuinely interested in your opportunity by a transparent and candid description of your organization and position.

Advertising Solutions

Integrative Advertising Capabilities for Your Program and Position

  • Academic Med offers integrative Advertisement Services which enable an organization to significantly reduce their advertising costs while increasing their advertising effectiveness. is designed using a blend of proprietary and state of the art technologies in order to reach the entire world-wide realm of academic physician leaders, scientists, and clinicians. As a result, our client’s program and positions receive outstanding exposure to all passive and active candidates that would be relevant for consideration. Academic Med’s web prowess utilizes SEO, RSS Feeds, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. in order to maximize the Advertising ROI for our client’s. The vast majority of individuals who routinely visit our website do so because it is a forum that enables them to learn, discuss and network regarding the most relevant clinical and research topics in the field of medicine.
  • The positions our clients list on are seen and understood by many people who themselves become interested and/or inform their colleagues or trainees who in their view may have interest.
  • Additionally, Academic-Med posts routinely at all major journals and societies in such a way as to attract candidates at all levels of experience and accomplishment to visit for positions of interest. This feature enables our clients to cost-effectively advertise their open positions at a substantial savings.

Strategic Networking

Recruitment through Networking

  • Academic Med has developed recruiting methods that work around the clock, meaning that your position is continously being ciruclated throughout the medical community. We utilize every recruiting platform so that you receive a maximum return on your investment.
  • Academic Med utilizes its years of experience and healthcare expertise and connections to successfully foster lasting relationships with the medical community. This means that we are constantly in dialogue with a wide array of candidates whom have already been screened and qualify to fill a variety of roles. This constant dialogue and market knowledge allows us to quickly refer and place "bullseye" candidates.