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The objective is to identify, evaluate, and match the best client and position for your needs, while also reducing the burden for you and your family, maintaining the discipline of the search process to ensure a timely, successful outcome. Our team is highly sensitive to the needs of our candidates to ensure that the search process will be carefully handled. We are dedicated to working closely with you to ensure that all the details are managed and tracked. Careful attention is paid to managing and handling your information as well as all the documents collected throughout the search process. We are committed to maintaining an open channel of communication with both clients and candidates while maintaining quality and professionalism.
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Step 1 Exploratory Dialogue

Identify Candidate's Needs: We speak with the candidate to gain an in-depth understanding of candidate's needs, their ideal position, areas of expertise, location preferences, and other relevant information

Research Clients: Academic Med’s original research is conducted by a team of search consultants and is refined to accommodate the candidate at hand. 

Strategize: Based on our research and industry knowledge, we develop the search specifications and strategy by which we produce results. A tailored, individual strategy is developed and implemented for each search

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Step 2 Assess & Match

Assess: An assigned team of search consultants will work with you from the beginning of the process to assess and evaluate your needs in relation to various programs and organizations.

Candidate Discussions: We conduct discussions to review the candidate’s background and gain a deeper understanding of their objectives, knowledge, and skills. With this knowledge and background information, we work to present only the most relevant opportunities to the candidate with one end goal in mind: a successful pairing of client and candidate.

Match: Our team utilizes a wealth of experience and market knowledge to effectively present opportunities that are relevant for your consideration

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Step 3 Introduce & Facilitate

Introduce: We compile client background information along with extensive notes from the meetings and discussions to provide the candidate with a multi-faceted understanding of each relevant client

Facilitate Interviews: We will facilitate and coordinate the phone discussions between candidate and client, as well as onsite interviews. Additionally, our team prepares both candidate and client to allow for the most fruitful dialogue and face-to-face interaction. Following the interviews, our team gathers feedback from both sides to gauge level of interest and determine the most appropriate next steps

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Step 4 Successful Placement

Reference Checks: Upon client request, the search team will conduct reference checks as the final stage of the screening process

Offer: We will serve as a liaison between candidate and client throughout the offer and negotiation process to ensure that a mutually beneficial contract is agreed upon

Effectuate: Once the negotiated offer is accepted by both parties, we help to facilitate a smooth transition for both the client and the candidate. We also seek feedback from both sides to ensure we are providing service of the highest caliber

Professional Advisor: We serve as a trusted advisor and the premier professional resource throughout the careers of clinicians, surgeons, and scientists alike.